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Must Read case!! The doctor became suspicious of the compounded medications, procured and examined the three remaining potions, and easily detected the presence of Spanish flies in the mixture.

Here is a historical Reminder Involving a Compounded Cream Marketed as an Alernative to the Doctor's Prescription

a historical reminder involving a compounded cream marketed as an alternative to the doctor's prescription:

In the discharge of their functions, druggists, apothecaries, and other persons dealing in drugs, poisons and medicines, are required not only to be skillful, but also exceedingly cautious and prudent in view of the terrific consequences which may attend the least inattention on their part. The highest [***11]  degree of care known among practical men must be used by them to prevent injury from the use of their compounds, and they are held to a special degree of responsibility corresponding with their superior knowledge, and are generally held liable for the slightest negligence.

Read entire case here

Pharmacy Practice News - Navigating the BCMP Medication Preparation Market

Pharmacy Practice News - Navigating the BCMP Medication Preparation Market



The AzNMA has been working this past year to bring you up to date information via emails, Facebook, and the January 2014 AzNMA Member Meeting with Mike Corrado of Civic Center Pharmacy — with regards to the Compounding Pharmacy Bill which passed by Congress in November 2013.
Compounding Pharmacy Bill
As a result of this bill passing, the FDA is requiring extensive information about compounded drugs – and the ingredients they’re made from – if those drugs are to continue to be allowed for use.
AANP has been addressing this issue through a member Work Group headed up by Dr. Mike Cronin, but now we need input from NDs who know particular medications very well. Those medications (59 of them) are noted in the attachment.
Our submittal has to be into FDA by September 30th.
Please review the Spreadsheet of Compounding Substances in the link below, and identify which compounded drug ingredients you’re knowledgeable about.

AANP has provided a template to make the job easier…please see the Sample Compounding Template link below.
Please forward this message to any and all colleagues you feel are able to assist.
If you can assist please send name and compounding substance that you are willing to work on to:

EMA Policy on veterinary medicines for minor use, minor species / limited market revised

Question of the day September 19, 2014 Anyone know the answer to the last question in comments section asked by a reader about Diamondback and Michael Blaire? Minutes from North Carolina meeting can be found here:

Interesting Fact: Diamondback Drugs co-founder Michael Blaire sits on Board of Directors of Proposed Global On-Line Business Bank


Here is Michael Blaire's bio from the Proposed Global On-Line Business Bank:

Michael Blaire

Before adopting Arizona as his home state in 1992, Michael Blaire founded and served as head pharmacist for three pharmacies in New York. From 1993 to 1999, he spearheaded operations and profitability initiatives for several Walgreens pharmacy locations throughout the Phoenix area. In 2001, Michael moved on to co-foundDiamondback Drugs, a veterinary compounding pharmacy that serves a number of well known zoos, aquariums and veterinarians nationwide.
Michael’s extensive experience in health care and small business eventually segued into a profound interest and involvement in politics. He is a founding member of the Arizona Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition and serves as a Republican Precinct Committeeman and State Committeeman for Legislative District 8.  In 2010, Michael ran for the Arizona State House of Representatives and received endorsements from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Arizona Republic.
Michael has been Chairman of the Arizona Pharmacy Alliance Political Action Committee, and Treasurer of COMP-PAC, political action committee for the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP).   He is a Leadership Council Member for the National Federation of Independent Businesses and serves on the Advisory Board for Pima Medical Institute.   Michael is currently President of Temple Kol Ami in Scottsdale and Treasurer for IACP.
Originally from New York, Michael’s academic background spans a wide range of professional interests. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelor of Arts in Literature at the University of Rochester (Rochester, New York). He also holds a BS in Pharmacy from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions and completed graduate studies in literature at Arizona State University.
Michael and his wife Dorothy, live in Scottsdale. They have four daughters.
Arizona State University, MA, English. Saint John’s University, BSPh, Pharmacy. University of Rochester, 1976 – 1980.
quoted from here


Anonymous said...
Mr. Blaire fails to mention in his bio that he also worked for another Phoenix area veterinary compounding pharmacy from 1999 to 2001. Mr. Blaire was terminated from his position as Pharmacy Manager when it was revealed that he had printed a copy of the entire company database of customers. He then went on to start Diamondback Drugs.
Anonymous said...
I also remember him working at that pharmacy and can validate that he was caught taking the customer list and fired by the owners. It now seems his unethical character is resurfacing with law suits filed for patent infringement. He also took cost saving shortcuts in Diamondback's compounding resulting in FDA recalls of over 8000 pain meds from vet clinics because they were not potent enough. How many pets suffered so that he could save a buck?
bankalchemist said...
Should these remarks be true they will be born out in the background check conducted by the FBI,FDIC and primary Regulatory agency. The bar for directorship is very high these days and character is in the top 3 listings. Ernie Garfield is the real issue here as 22 of his first 23 banks failed in Az. There are also other states that will not accept his work. He obviously did not vet the group as he was helping them to guide the process.
Anonymous said...
Is this the same pharmacy/pharmacist that recently was denied a North Carolina license for making false/misleading statements on the application?

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When Counterfeit and Contaminated Drugs Are Deadly - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

When Counterfeit and Contaminated Drugs Are Deadly - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

21st Century Cures: Examining Ways to Combat Antibiotic Resistance and Foster New Drug Development--Written Testimony and link to watch hearing tomorrow

21st Century Cures: Examining Ways to Combat Antibiotic Resistance and Foster New Drug Development

Friday, September 19, 2014 - 9:00am
2123 Rayburn
Background Documents and Information: 
Panel I

Dr. Janet Woodcock, Director
Panel II

Dr. Kenneth J. Hillan
Dr. Barbara E. Murray
Mr. Kevin Outterson
Dr. Adrian Thomas
Mr. Allan Coukell
Dr. John H. Powers

- See more at:

US, Canada Continue to Push for Regulatory Harmonization in the Life Sciences

Evaluation of Compounded Bevacizumab Prepared for Intravitreal Injection

 Nicolas A. Yannuzzi, MD1; Michael A. Klufas, MD1; Lucy Quach, BS2; Lauren M. Beatty, BA2; Stephen M. Kaminsky, PhD2; Ronald G. Crystal, MD2; Donald J. D’Amico, MD1; Szilárd Kiss, MD1

JAMA Ophthalmol. Published online September 18, 2014. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2014.3591
  continue to read here