Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Among the biggest challenges health care providers and patients face are shortages of medically necessary medications. These shortages greatly impact patient treatment options and require practitioners to make difficult decisions that can compromise care, such as rationing supplies or using less desirable, but more readily available, alternative therapies. The FDA also understands the impact and concern these shortages may have on patients and we want to reassure them that their care will continue to be our priority. Ensuring access to the drugs patients need means finding creative responses to shortages while also addressing the root causes of the shortage issue. The FDA’s role is focused on working with manufacturers, using all of our authorities to help prevent and mitigate drug shortages of medically necessary products used to prevent or treat a serious or life-threatening disease or medical condition.

Letter: OptumRx helps curb Rx misuse

The Columbus Dispatch-10 hours ago
OptumRx, a pharmacy-care-services company, identified in 2015 that some doctors and compoundingpharmacies were prescribing and filling what appeared to .

The Advantages to 503A Compounding - Pharmacy Practice News

23 hours ago - A new trend in pharmacy is re-insourcing—bringing back in house certain pharmacy functions, such as 503A compounding.

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