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Fourth Question of the Day October 23, 2014 Should Big Pharma mount a compaign encouraging or recommending that doctors and patients use FDA-approved drugs? Should this campaign include educating doctors and patients about the DQSA? Should they put together a lobbying campaign like IACP and other compounders are doing to lobby for the laws to be enforced? They are blaimed and accused by the compounding industry of doing this type of lobbying anyway. Wonder what would happen if they in fact lobbied against compounders?

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With the prescribing of a compounded drug, the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act is "rendered meaningless" for individual patients. While sometimes necessary, rendering the act meaningless is never trivial, even for a single patient.

Have you heard the story about the pharmacist that refused to compound a animal-derived injectable drug when he was unable to verify the purity and origin of a starting material? For all the promotional stories about compounding that saves the day, where are the stories of professional discernment and discretion? Are there pharmacists who both acknowledge the profit advantage of selling compounds versus FDA-approved products and ALSO write about the times when they refused to compound specific drugs? Pharmacists did this in response to the learnings from the Docs Pharmacy case (going forward, some pharmacists refused to make purportedly sterile drugs from non-sterile ingredients that provided no warranty on certificate of analysis result claims and that were destined for spinal administration). Where did those pharmacists go?

Throughout history, pharmacists have identified and prevented important prescribing and dispensing errors, sometimes raising the ire of physicians as they engaged in "ritualized clashes" of sometimes conflicting opinion. Healthcare systems rely on the outcomes of informed, critical debate to achieve well-vetted "truths" to inform and protect patient safety.

BUT, if pharmacists and physicians join together in an effort to IMPOSE unapproved drugs on patients, what will happen to this critical problem identification/investigation/debate/judgement and decision-making foundation and lifecycle?

It is a vulnerable situation for a patient to be in, naked but for the medical gown tied across their back, having to ask, "excuse me, but, does that syringe contain an FDA-approved drug?"

Valeant recalls 205,000 bottles of blood pressure med: See how the recall process works because they are regulated by the FDA

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Pharmacy Benefit Managers With Proof Their Company Is Overbilling Medicare/Medcaid To Call Them About A Recent Major Reward - Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Pharmacy Benefit Managers With Proof Their Company Is Overbilling Medicare/Medcaid To Call Them About A Recent Major Reward - Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

Fraud Consultant-Specialty Pharmaceutical/Specialty Pharmacy/Medical Sales Job Opening

National Health Care Analysis Group - Overland Park, KS
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This week, the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services posted an advisory opinion regarding a specialty pharmacy's request to pay local retail pharmacies a fee for support services in connection with patient referrals. (So-called "per-fill fees"). In short, the opinion concluded that the proposed arrangement could potentially generate prohibited remuneration under the anti-kickback statute.
Further, there have been some questionable billing practices in Medicare Part B clinical laboratory services. From 2005 to 2010, Part B Medicare enrollment increased by 10 percent, while spending for lab services increased by 29 percent. Some labs have shown an unusually high percentage of claims with ineligible and/or invalid ordering-physician numbers, or an unusually high allowed amount per ordering physician. Almost half of the labs that exceeded the thresholds for five or more measures of questionable billing—compared to 13 percent of all labs—were located in California and Florida, areas known to be vulnerable to Medicare fraud. Some labs that exceeded the thresholds for fewer than five measures also exhibited billing that may warrant further review.
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Texas Board of Pharmacy Job Openings

California Hiring Inspectors: (note I think the post date of 2015 is a typo)

CONSUMER AFFAIRS, BOARD OF PHARMACY Title:  INSPECTOR BOARD OF PHARMACY Salary: $6,030.00 - $7,911.00 Posted: 08/11/2015
more information

Reminder from Gigi Davidson as to what Focus Should be in Veterinary Compounding: Veterinary Pharmacists Protect Both Animal Health and Human Health-

Veterinary pharmacists are also involved in stewardship of the human food supply by ensuring that veterinary drugs and drugs used in food-producing animals or their tissues are either drug-free or are below the federal tolerance for drugs in that food. Veterinary pharmacists are also actively engaged in governmental settings in monitoring and preventing the spread of animal-vector borne diseases (e.g. tick borne diseases, leptospirosis, West Nile virus, rabies, or cat scratch fever) that pose a risk to human health, and veterinary pharmacists are also employed at the National Institutes of Health to ensure that laboratory research animals are given optimal pharmaceutical care. 
It has truly been a pleasure to practice veterinary pharmacy for the last 31 years. Every day is a challenge and a pleasure, and I go home every night with the comfort of knowing that not only have I helped animals in my daily work, but that I have also impacted human health in some very tangible way.
Gigi Davidson's story is the latest in a series of profiles of pharmacists featured as part of World Pharmacist Day and American Pharmacists Month. You might also enjoy this post by Jeanne Sun - The Pharmacy: More Than Just Another Service Counter.
Gigi S. Davidson, BSPharm, R.Ph., DICVP is Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Chair of USP’s Compounding Expert Committee
quoted from here

Note: There appears to be Four Universities that have Programs in Veterinary Pharmacy: Readers Correct Me if I am wrong…Auburn, UC Davis, North Carolina State and now Purdue

Universities Now Provide Training in Veterinary Pharmacy

The first veterinary pharmacy residency was established by Dr. Sue Duran at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. Since then three other Colleges of Veterinary Medicine have established veterinary pharmacy residency programs (University of California, Davis; North Carolina State University; and Purdue University).  In addition to residencies, student electives courses and veterinary pharmacy practice rotations are now emerging as part of pharmacy curriculums. 
source found  here

Pharmacists in Veterinary Medicine Powerpoint--UC Davis

Pharmacists in Veterinary Medicine - ICCVM,%20Kyvan%20-%20Pharmacists%20in%20...
Jul 14, 2007 - Pharmacy law and regulation. • Educating Pharmacy. Students. –Veterinary therapeutics. – Residency programs. – Clinical pharmacy.