Saturday, April 29, 2017

I-Team: Drug Middleman Could Be Charging You More Than Your ...

CBS Boston / WBZ-14 hours ago
Brown says much of the blame lies with pharmacy benefit managers, or PMBs. They act as middlemen between insurance companies and pharmacists to

Board Revokes License of Pharmacist Convicted in 'Pill Mill' Ring hours ago
The orders for Rosemary E. Ofume and the license for Medicine Center Pharmacy were served at the facility at 1634 Jonesboro Road SE in Atlanta. As of Friday .

Arkansas will face challenges replenishing execution supply

The News Tribune-10 hours ago
Some of those companies have even asked wholesalers who sell drug components to compounding pharmacies to sign contracts that they will not sell the ...

Racing industry should release NFL-styled injury report for Kentucky ...

Circleville Herald-8 hours ago
... and feet who've been shot up with painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications and performance-enhancing drugs, like thyroid hormone.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Now a Public Health--

Performance Enhancing Drugs Now a Public Health ... - MedPage Today
19 hours ago - WASHINGTON -- A dozen years ago, Congress held widely-publicized hearings to lambaste Major League Baseball stars for using steroids and similar performance-enhancingsubstances, which were filtering down to youth sports in part because of their role modeling.