Monday, May 9, 2022

Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Needs Volunteers

 Task Force/Committee Volunteers Needed 


The Board of Pharmacy is needing volunteers to create a Task Force/Committee for evaluating temperature excursions and the shipping of prescriptions by pharmacies to patients who are located in state and out of state.

This Task Force/Committee will more than likely need to evaluate the potential of creating rule changes to the existing rules.

All interested parties will need to submit the below items to Marty Hendrick via email at to be considered for this task force. 


  • Letter of interest on serving on the Task Force/Committee.
  • Resume of pharmacy work experience.
  • Past experience in a pharmacy practice that involves shipping prescriptions to patients.


535:15-3-11. Prescription drugs 

(f) Prescription shipping. The pharmacy shall maintain and use adequate storage or shipping containers and use shipping processes to ensure drug stability and potency. Such shipping processes shall include the use of appropriate packaging material and/or devices to ensure that the drug is maintained at an appropriate temperature range to maintain the integrity of the medication throughout the delivery process. 


(1) No prescription shipped to a citizen of Oklahoma should have a temperature excursion that exceeds the temperature storage conditions outlined within the package insert or by the manufacturer of the drug product. 


(2) A pharmacy or pharmacist shall refuse to deliver by mail or common carrier a prescription drug which, in the professional opinion of the pharmacy or pharmacist may be therapeutically compromised by delivery by mail or common carrier. 


(3) A mail order or non-resident pharmacy shall make available to the patient or patient's caregiver the contact information for the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.

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