Thursday, September 14, 2017

West Virginia Board of Pharmacy Agenda for Meeting on September 17-18, 2017


Huntington, West Virginia
Sunday, September 17, 2017
5:00 P.M., Pullman Plaza Conference room.
Call to Order; Open Meeting with Prayer

1. Approval of June 26 (Amended), July 26 and September 1, 2017, Board Minutes.
2. Chief Financial Officer Report
3. Director’s Report
4. WV State Medical Association Introduction and Update – Dr. Brad Henry, President
5. PRN Update – Mike Brown
6. Complaint Committee Disciplinary Recommendations
7. Badge Presentations
Recess. Continue meeting on 9/18/17 at 8:00 a.m., Marshall School of Pharmacy, Conference Room.

Re-convene Monday, September 18, 2017
Call to Order; Open Meeting with Prayer
8. Cardinal Health Suspicious Order Overview – Todd Cameron
9. Inspector’s Report
10. Temporary Licenses for Pharmacies Review – Buck Selby
11. Transferring Unfilled Controlled Substance Prescription Review – Buck Selby
12. USP <800> Review – Don Klamut
13. MAT Program Review – Mike LeMasters
14. Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) Report.
15. Request from Penn-Way Pharmacy to approve its PTT Training Course
16. Applications for Collaborative Pharmacy Practice:
(a) Charles K. Babcock, RPh
(b) Laura P. Welch, RPh
(c) Dipti Patel, RPh
17. Requests for 2nd extension of time for PT training/retraining:
(a) Kristen Hatfield,
(b) Tiffany Turner
(c) Amanda Shelton
(d) Heather DeVor
(e) Virginia Taylor
18. Discuss Continuing Education Committee
19. Discuss Disaster Response and Mitigation Protocols
20. Discuss creation of varying levels of Pharmacy Technicians
21. Schedule of next regular Board Meeting.
22. Any announcements or information to be received.

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