Thursday, August 24, 2017

Must Read Report!! Important Numbers from the Texas Department of Insurance Regarding Increase in price and use of Compounded Drug Prescriptions in Texas

"A May report by DWC’s Research and Regulation group found that:
COMPOUNDED DRUGS BY GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS ★ Houston HRR alone accounted for 67 percent of all compounded drugs in 2016 while it accounted for 24 percent of all pharmacy prescriptions. 47 percent of the claims receiving compounded drugs are from Houston HRR while Houston HRR accounted for 22 percent of all pharmacy claims. ★ 5.4 percent of the claims in Houston HRR received one or more compounded drugs in 2016, being the highest among the five large metro areas. The second highest was Dallas HRR with 2.3 percent.

  •  The number of compounded drugs increased from 18,020 prescriptions in 2010 to 26,380 in 2014.
  •  The total cost of compounded drugs increased from $6 million in 2010 to $12 million in 2014.
  •  The average cost per compounded drug prescription increased from $356 in 2010 to $829 in 2016.
  •  Almost a third of compounded drug prescriptions were to treat back injuries."
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