Monday, October 10, 2016

Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Action Against Qualgen; Qualgen admitted guilt to 65 counts and fined $100,000

Qualgen, LLC, #1-M-4255/#1-B-4469 – Case No. 1408: Admitted to guilt on 65 counts including failing to have and follow a diversion detection and prevention plan that includes all prescription drugs; engaging in the manufacturing of drugs and selling, bartering, brokering, or transferring drugs to a person not authorized to purchase drugs; and failing to include on the label of the drug the statement “Not for Resale” and, if the drug is dispensed or distributed other than pursuant to a prescription for an individual identified patient, the statement “Office Use Only.” Respondent neither admits nor denies guilt on the remaining 978 counts. $100,000 fine. License placed on probation for five years until June 15, 2021.

source Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy October 2016 Newsletter

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