Monday, September 28, 2015

High Importance! Very Long List of Compounded Drugs from The Compounding Pharmacy of America found on FDA Enforcement Report dated September 23, 2015


David Liu said...

Attix Pharmaceuticals + American Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Both have been run by the same person. Karl Jebailey.

Same practices. Same story. FDA and the FL, MI, state boards need to piece this picture together.



Putting U.S citizens at risk.

Unknown said... = Attix Pharmaceuticals

This is David Liu's new company. Formerly Attix. Using another alias Andrew Wang.

These guys forge documents at customs. They use horse trailers to smuggle chemicals down across the border into Texas. David Liu, Joe Landers. Criminals.

Selling and distributing products to Joe Landers in Weatherford Texas. Phenylbutazone and Tulathromycin. Tulathromycin is banned from being compounded in the U.S. Not to be used on feed animals.

These guys have avoided lawsuits from that massive recall by opening under a different name. These guys are criminals. They should be prosecuted. The recall alone cost many pharmacies into the millions.

AX Pharmaceuticals is Attix Pharmaceuticals.

American Pharmaceutical Ingredients in MI and FL, are also run by the same guys. Chuck and Karl. All Attix. The public is at risk.