Saturday, March 21, 2015

Low-Testosterone Multi-State Federal Litigation-Master Docket Case No. 1:14-cv-1748 Includes Claims relating to Compounding and the way it has been marketed in the compounding industry

The amended complaint filed in January 2015 alleges:
87. Defendant Fagron developed and markets drug compounding ingredients, including a transdermal testosterone product it actively promotes as an alternative to Axiron, Androderm, Androgel, and other commercial, FDA-approved products.
88. Fagron Inc. actively markets and promotes compounding instead of FDA approved drugs through its website ( and resources such as Fagron Compounding Matters (sharing formulas with pharmacies), Fagron Academy (sharing courses on how to compound and why compounding is better than FDA-approved medications), Fagron Foundation (a marketing attempt to “drive social change” to use compounded, unapproved medications more often), and Fagron TV (a channel devoted to promoting pharmaceutical compounding).
89. As a result of its marketing efforts, Fagron Inc. has done more than just supply compounding supplies for patients who cannot tolerate commercially available medications; it created a market for selling equivalent or similar testosterone products while assuring doctors and consumers of their safety.
Fagron, Inc. (dft)ilndce1:2014-cv-0174803/14/2014
3Fagron, Inc. (dft)ilndce1:2014-cv-0454836706/16/2014

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