Friday, November 22, 2013

Written Testimony at House Hearing Doping in Horse Races Included Hillsboro Bay incident involving compounded naquasone...Wonder what pharmacy prepared the compounded preparation?

Hillsboro Bay 3/14/12 9th Race

i. This filly sustained a fatal injury in her 9th career start.
ii. She made seven starts in the preceding 12 months, but did not start within 30 days of the race
in which she was injured.
iii. She was claimed twice in her racing career, once in the six months leading up to
her final race.
iv. The intervals between her last five races were 17, 23, 30, and 42 days
v. The purse value was 2.2 times her claiming price (purse--‐to--‐claim ratio of 2.2).
vi. The following risk factors were present:
1) Numerous starts in the 1--‐6 month interval prior to the race
2) Racing at a distance ≤ seven furlongs
3) Racing for a claiming price ≤ $25,000
4) Older horse (≥ three yrs)
vii. The medications Banamine® (flunixin) and compounded naquasone
(trichlormethiazide and dexamethasone) were dispensed to the trainer two weeks prior to the
last race. Medical records did not provide justification or identify the condition requiring such

viii. Physical exam findings were within a range consistent with racing soundness. No
substantive change in this filly’s clinical presentation from previous starts was noted.
ix. Blood was collected and analyzed. No urine sample was collected. There were no reported
overages of therapeutic medications and no prohibited substances were detected, based upon
the limited screening the testing laboratory was able to perform on the blood sample.
x. The absence of a complete necropsy precludes an understanding of Hillsboro
Bay’s musculoskeletal health.

Conclusion: Based on the information available, the Task Force has no opinion as to the cause
of Hillsboro’s Bay’s injury, nor could the Task Force conclude that there was a missed
opportunity to prevent this injury.

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