Monday, November 18, 2013

Maryland Board of Pharmacy HB 986 as it Relates to Veterinarians and Pets or Animals

) Draft Board Response to Pet Owners 
Schultheiss - Vet 072413 
Thank you for providing comments in reference to the HB 986 State 
Board of Pharmacy – Sterile Compounding – Permits, Chapter 
HB 986 applies to sterile compounding only. Many compounded pet 
medications are not sterile under USP <797> and HB 986 does not 
apply to those compounds. 
The purpose of HB 986 and the pending regulations is to ensure the 
quality and safety of the drugs that pets receive. 
Until the new sterile compounding laws become effective (both State 
and federal), veterinarians may continue to compound and 
dispense sterile products in accordance with applicable standards of 
practice. Veterinarians may compound a limited quantity of a 
particular medication in anticipation of immediate future need 
as based on previously documented prescriptions filled for 
that medication. Veterinarians who wish to engage in sterile 
compounding after the implementation of the new Maryland law 
must obtain an additional permit from the Board of Pharmacy and 
comply with certain minimum standards. Veterinarians who 
compound non-sterile products do not require an additional permit 
from the Board. 
If using a pharmacy, a pharmacy would have the ability 
to compound in anticipation of receipt of a patient specific 
prescription. Any compounded prescription that is dispensed must be 
pursuant to a patient specific prescription. See COMAR 
This regulation may provide a solution to some veterinarian 
concerns. The veterinarian should work with the pharmacy to 
arrange availability in emergency situations. 
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