Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iowa Board of Pharmacy Takes on Franck's Compounding, Ocala, Florida

Franck's Compounding, Ocala, Florida, nonresident license #3385
The Board issued a Statement of Charges in June 2013 for failure to comply with Iowa rules and compounding requirements and failure to provide notice of pharmacy closing after the pharmacy closed and sold to another company as well as issued a nationwide recall of all sterile compounded products following several cases of fungal eye infections developed after use of its products. The Board approved a Settlement Agreement in August 2013 in which it issued a Citation and Warning, a $250 civil penalty and accepted the pharmacy's voluntary surrender of its license with the agreement that it won't apply for reinstatement for at least 10 years.      [2013]

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Kenneth Woliner, MD said...

But will they allow Paul W. Franck, the owner of Franck's Compounding Pharmacy (which is closed) to apply for a license with his new pharmacy, Trinity Care Solutions? Until the state Departments of Health realize that pharmacy owners used corporate veil strategies (e.g. ApotheCure --> NuVision; Franck's Compounding Pharmacy --> Trinity Care Solutions) to close and reopen without penalty, things will never change.

Kenneth Woliner, MD