Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iowa Board of Pharmacy Dismisses Charges Against Unique Pharmaceuticals Temple, TX

Unique Pharmaceuticals, Temple, Texas, nonresident license #3265
This pharmacy was issued a Statement of Charges in January 2013 for failure to comply with laws and rules of its home state, failure to comply with Iowa pharmacy rules and compound requirements and engaging in the unlawful manufacture of unapproved drug products.  The charges followed a NABP-conducted inspection which found the pharmacy was acting in large part as a wholesaler and not maintaining proper documentation between pharmacy and wholesale operations.  The pharmacy was concurrently inspected by the Texas Board of Pharmacy and issued a Warning Notice.  This pharmacy was shipping non-patient specific compounded products into Iowa to practitioners for subsequent resale/dispensing, which constitutes manufacturing in Iowa rules. The State filed a Motion to Dismiss the charges, which was granted in April 2013.              [2013]

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Kenneth Woliner, MD said...

If state Departments of Health and their "Bureaus of Enforcement" continually roll over and dismiss charges against compounding pharmacies who are obviously breaking the laws and rules of their state, there is NO DETERRENT EFFECT to prevent rogue pharmacies from future violations. Just saying, "Stop! Or I'll say 'Stop' again" is a recipe for flagrant rule breaking and adverse effects on patients.

Kenneth Woliner, MD