Monday, November 11, 2013

Fifth Question of the Day November 11, 2013 IACP Has Questioned whether NECC would have voluntarily registered under the DQSA? We will never know the true answer to could argue that supply and demand and market conditions would have forced them to register in order to compete. On the other hand maybe they were one of the ones who don't want the federal government messing in their business...Isn't the real question are we one step to better compounded preparations if the DQSA passes and no closer to any improvement in the system if it doesn't pass?

I have consistently said if you don't like the DQSA, propose something better (sorry I didn't see very many folks drafting legislation or throwing out any different ideas)...don't just say it won't work or say oh leave it to the states...that didn't work and even when given a second chance most state didn't step it up.  Isn't it time for us to turn lose of what doesn't and  hasn't worked in a long time,  and try something that might not only work, but also be just what is needed.

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