Thursday, September 14, 2017

Some Key Arguments that Compounding Pharmacists and the groups that support them Have Yet to Overcome with their arguments to allow 503A compounding pharmacist to provide office use compounds without prescriptions

"The compounding pharmacy industry is trying to convince Congress to prohibit the FDA from enforcing the prescription requirement that Congress instituted 20 years ago and re-affirmed just four years ago. This would allow precisely the circumstances that led to the 2012 outbreak: compounding pharmacies mass producing drugs for healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices around the country without complying with requirements necessary to ensure quality and safety."  

Congress, prevent another outbreak  Quoted from Congress, prevent another outbreak — Don't roll back drug contamination protections BY JANE AXELRAD, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR  The Hill - 

"If Congress eliminates the prescription requirement, it would remove any incentive for compounders to register as outsourcing facilities and comply with the standards that are necessary for the safety of higher volume, non-individualized compounding."  Quoted from Congress, prevent another outbreak — Don't roll back drug contamination protections By JANE AXELRAD, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR  The Hill - 

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