Friday, March 10, 2017

Conservative Health Care Gripes Now Include Paul Ryan - NBC News
4 hours ago - Concerns among conservatives over the process and content of the health care bill is spilling into frustration with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

John Kasich: End the Partisan Warfare on Health Care - The New York ...
11 hours ago - In 2010, one side of the political aisle in Congress, the Democrats, chose to “fix” health care unilaterally, without bipartisan support. The result was Obamacare, which has run up government spending while failing to drive down the cost of health care.

The poor 'just don't want health care': Republican congressman faces ...
1 day ago - Rep. Roger Marshall, a physician, responded to criticism of his health-care views in a statement Thursday.

New Health Care Bill: Where Does My Member Of Congress Stand ...
7 hours ago - Millions of Americans will experience major changes to their health coverage if both chambers of Congress pass the Republican health care ..
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