Monday, February 16, 2015

More Information from Readers on Attix Pharmaceuticals with links to Canadian recall alerts and warning to US Compounders Any Compounding Pharmacies purchasing from Attix Pharmaceuticals are putting their patients/clients at serious risk !! Canadian government is shutting them down. on Import Refusal Report--Attix Pharmaceuticals ESTRIOL BULK RAW MATERIAL and ESTRADIOL BULK CHEMICAL have been refused in USA Previously
David Liu, Wayne Macinnis
at 12:53 PM
Very large Compounding Pharmacies in the US have these products sitting on their shelves... I've got the entire list of them. Attix Pharmaceuticals has endangered the lives of U.S consumers. Class action lawsuit should be formed from these pharmacies against Attix. Very, very dangerous stuff. No testing. No clean room. Nothing. Kitchen and bathroom mixing chemicals. The Canadian government is shutting them down. on Attix Pharmaceutical USA, LLC has been sued before and settled case for Telephone Consumer Protection Act Violations of sending unsolicated faxes--See Complaint and Exhibit
David Liu, Wayne Macinnis
at 12:46 PM
at 12:42 PM
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