Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AVMA announces that American Association of Bovine Practitioners have developed guide for proper oversight of drugs use in cattle

Cattle veterinarians develop guide on drug oversight
Posted Dec. 30, 2013
A guide from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners is intended to help veterinarians ensure they establish proper oversight for drug use in cattle.

The AABP published in November 2013 the two-page guide on veterinarian-client-patient relationship practices that the organization endorses and that exceed regulatory requirements.

For example, the guide indicates veterinarians or veterinary practices should have written agreements that identify the veterinarian who is accountable for drug administration on a farm as well as who is responsible for duties such as drug inventory maintenance.

The guide, “Establishing and Maintaining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship in Bovine Practice,” is available here.

The document also describes AABP-endorsed practices of establishing a veterinarian of record, clarifying relationships among veterinarians and consultants on farms, providing treatment protocols, maintaining treatment records, and prescribing drugs.

The guide is intended to help veterinarians ensure they and their clients communicate and keep records in ways that ensure pharmaceuticals are used in a responsible manner, Dr. Keith Sterner of Ionia, Mich., said in an AABP announcement. Dr. Sterner was chair of the AABP task force that created the guidelines.

The AABP also is developing cattle well-being guidelines, the announcement states.
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