Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PAWS - Breaking News! Expects 50M in Revenues... Today 9:49 AM Penny Stocks by: TripleCrowne

PAWS just announced that it intends to begin implementation of its In-Office Dispensing Program (IODP) during the first half of December 2013 through their Advanced Access Pharmacy Services, LLC (AAPS) subsidiary. Read More... [http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/l=DFs9Q&myjTzVfpgWJIAj&b=rlfApGU0LGY5aMfjYQV5AQ ] PAWS recently announced it has executed an agreement to acquire MESA Pharmacy, Inc. as part of its new strategy to become a dominant player in the delivery of compounded pharmaceutical products to consumers.Pharmacy Development Corp. ("PDC") was established in 2007 to expand the already existing chain of Mesa Pharmacy stores, further expand its pharmacy Compounding practice and continue the production and promotion of its private label whole food supplement line. PDC currently has two operating subsidiaries in Mesa Pharmacy, Inc. ("MPI"), a chain of pharmacies, and Life Genix, Inc ("LGI"), a whole food supplements company.

MESA focuses on providing custom compounded non-narcotic, transdermal topical pain medications that are marketed to industrial health physicians and clinics. MESA has developed a series of topical ointments, in different strengths, that provide the pain relief doctors seek.

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