Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Think I Can Post This Important Message from New Mexico Board of Veterinary Medicine Too Many Times--Not only does it violate the state's regs--it may also violate federal criminal laws!!


The Board continues to be notified of the solicitations to veterinarians for the purchase of drugs for re-sale to companies offering an incentive of paying a percentage of the sales of the drugs to the veterinarian ordering the drugs.  Be advised, this type of dispensing of prescription drugs is in violation of the Board's Rules and Regulations, specifically: A. No legend or controlled drug shall be prescribed, dispensed, or administered without the establishment of a veterinary-client-patient relationship.

The Board of Pharmacy has provided clarification concerning the compounding of veterinarian products.  Please click on the link to view the Board of Pharmacy's Regulation concerning this topic.
Controlled Substances Dispensed by Veterinarians
The Board of Pharmacy has provided a helpful link to the PMP Dispensing Practitioner Manual to assist licensees in the controlled substances reporting to the Board of Pharmacy. Click here to access the instruction sheet.
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